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Looking for some delicious treats for your DT4MND event? We’ve got some recipes for all tastes and levels of baking expertise, plus some suggestions for tea to go with them!

caramel tarts 2.png

Quick Caramel Tarts

Need a DT4MND treat in a hurry? Pop together these caramel tarts in next to no time! Pairs nicely with Chai tea, Black tea, or English Breakfast tea.

Chocolate Mousse

with an MND twist

A delectable chocolate mousse adds a classy touch to your DT4MND event! The added blue mousse makes it a perfect addition to your blue-themed DT4MND. This mousse pairs nicely with strained iced peach, berry, or raspberry tea.

blue mousse 2.png
lemon myrtle coconut muffin 2.png

Lemon myrtle &
coconut muffins

Native Australian bush food lemon myrtle, combined with dreamy tropical coconut, give these muffins a unique taste. Pairs nicely with Australian Breakfast tea, Jasmine Green tea, or Lemon Myrtle tea.

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